Jackknife Instrumental Variable Estimation with Heteroskedasticity

TitleJackknife Instrumental Variable Estimation with Heteroskedasticity
Publication TypeWorking Paper
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsBekker, PA, Crudu, F
KeywordsHeteroskedasticity, Instrumental Variables, Jackknife, Many Instruments

We present a new genuine jackknife estimator for instrumental variable inference with unknown heteroskedasticity. It weighs observations such that many- instruments consistency is guaranteed while the signal component in the data is maintained. We show that this results in a smaller signal component in the many- instruments asymptotic variance when compared to estimators that neglect a part of the signal to achieve consistency. Both many-instruments and many-weak- instruments asymptotic distributions are derived using high-level assumptions that allow for the simultaneous presence of weak and strong instruments for different explanatory variables. Standard errors are formulated compactly. We review briefly known estimators and show in particular that our symmetric jackknife estimator performs well when compared to the HLIM and HFUL estimators of Hausman et al. in Monte Carlo experiments.

Citation Key6366
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