PRIN: The Economics of Crime

General information
Financing body 
Project leader 
Dipartimento di Economia, Impresa e Regolamentazione - Università di Sassari
Scientific referee
M. Vannini
Project manager
Project cycle 
01/01/2006 to 01/01/2009
JEL codes
Public Economics (H)
Law and Economics (K)
The Dept. for Economics, Business and Regulation of the University of Sassari joined forces with the Dept. of Economics of the "Parthenope" University in Naples to investigate the costs of the Judiciary machinery (Naples) and criminal activity (Sassari), following the footsteps of the UK Home Office Paper "The economic and social costs of Crime". Gauging the costs associated with crimes and public resources associated with crime prevention and punishment  is a key element for evaluating the success and costs of public security policies.

Dept. of Economics of the "Parthenope, University in Naples

Staff progetto
M. Vannini