Monitoring and Evaluation of the economic impact of cultural and sporting events on the local and regional economy

General information
Financing body 
Regione Autonoma della Sardegna - L.R. 7/2007
Project leader 
Scientific referee
R. Paci
Project manager
Project cycle 
17/04/2013 to 30/03/2016
JEL codes
Other Special Topics (Tourism Economics) (Z)
The research project aims to assess the impact of cultural and sporting events by analyzing the phenomenon from different perspectives in an integrated way, namely consumer, firm, host community and territorial perspectives. This multidisciplinary approach is adopted throughout the whole research, which is articulated into three main phases: 1. Analysis of the state of art in terms of theoretical models and applications in other contexts, this allows to assess whether existing approaches can be directly applied to Sardinian tourism activities; 2. Construction of a set of indicators to monitor and evaluate the effects of different types of events on the different categories of actors and institutions involved; 3. Application of models and indicators identified in the previous phases to three specific case studies: the Sant'Efisio Festival in Cagliari, La Sartiglia in Oristano and the Sardinian Cavalcade in Sassari. The main research output is represented by guidelines for the assessment of the events in Sardinia: ex-ante evaluation of the event, which is a prerequisite for identifying the activities eligible to obtain public financial support, and ex-post evaluation to assess the socio-economic impact on the territory and on the actors involved.   Scientific referee: Stefano Usai ( Project Manager: Andrea Zara (   The project is funded by Regione Autonoma della Sardegna (L.R. 7/2007) - Assessorato della pubblica istruzione, beni culturali, informazione, spettacolo e sport.   For more information click here

Dipartimento di Economia, Impresa e Regomantazione, Università di Sassari.

Staff progetto
R. Paci; S. Usai; A. Zara; R. Brau; E. Marrocu; M. Pulina; M. Vannini; B. Biagi; C. Detotto; M.G. Brandano; M. Meleddu; G. Del Chiappa; F. Mola; G. Melis; P. Modica; F. Cabiddu; D. Pettinao; E. Scanu; M. Uysal; C. Conversano; D. M. Turco; J. G. Brida