How do you create an entrepreneur

General information
Financing body 
Regione Autonoma della Sardegna - L.R. 7/2007
Project leader 
Scientific referee
F. Pigliaru
Project manager
Project cycle 
13/06/2012 to 30/11/2014
JEL codes
Labor and Demographic Economics (J)
The project aims to measure the quality of managerial practices of small and medium-sized Italian firms and to unveil the factors that induce an individual to pursue a business career. It is thus necessary to have a measure of managerial practices that allows to identify differences among individuals and among geographical territories. Being such managerial practices difficult to measure, so far a limited number of empirical studies have been proposed. To overcome such problem, the project will refer to the questionnaire based on the standards set out for the first time by Bloom and Van Reenen (2007) for the American business environment and adapted to the Italian context. By means of this research tool it is possible to translate detailed qualitative information into quantitative terms that can be subsequently used in aggregate form.   Scientific referee: Francesco Pigliaru ( Project Manager: Marco Sideri (   The project is funded by Regione Autonoma della Sardegna (L.R. 7/2007).   For more information click here.