Fiscal federalism and regional health systems

General information
Financing body 
Regione Autonoma della Sardegna - L.R. 7/2007
Project leader 
Scientific referee
R. Brau
Project manager
Project cycle 
13/06/2012 to 13/06/2015
JEL codes
Public Economics (H)
Health, Education, and Welfare (I)
The research aims to analyze the issue of fiscal federalism in the health sector. More specifically, the focus is on the ex-ante evaluation of the effects of the federalist reform on regional health systems, with particular reference to the region of Sardinia. The analysis will benefit from the contribution of several disciplines, especially public economics, business administration and tax law. The starting hypothesis is that the models proposed in the different areas are, individually considered not adequate to understand and deal with the complexity and the implications that the implementation of the federalist reform will have on regional health systems and local health authorities.   Scientific referee: Rinaldo Brau  ( Project Manager: Vera Aru -   The project is funded by Regione Autonoma della Sardegna (L.R. 7/2007).   For more information click here.