Tourism and regional growth in Europe

TitleTourism and regional growth in Europe
Publication TypeWorking Paper
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsPaci, R, Marrocu, E
Keywordseurope, regional economic growth, spatial dependence, tourism flows


The paper analyzes the impact of domestic and international tourism on the economic growth process for 179 European regions. The econometric analysis is based on a spatial growth regression framework where the rate of GDP per capita growth at the regional level for the period 1999-2009 is influenced by tourism flows, in addition to the traditional growth variables. Besides controlling for initial conditions, we also include a wide set of covariates to account for the endowment of human and technological capital and for the geographical, social and institutional features of the regions. The results, confirmed by several robustness checks, demonstrate that regional growth is positively affected by domestic and international tourism.

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