Tourism and the city: The impact on residents' quality of life

TitleTourism and the city: The impact on residents' quality of life
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsBiagi, B, Ladu, MG, Meleddu, M, Royuela, V
JournalInternational Journal Tourism Research

The present work investigates the relationship between tourism presence and perceptions of the urban quality of life (UQoL) of resident populations. This is currently a hot topic, because in many European cities, residents have started to voice concerns about mass tourism. An ad hoc questionnaire was designed and submitted to the resident populations of two Mediterranean destinations. Following an integrative approach à la Sen, UQoL is analysed using the presence of services/amenities (capabilities) as well as their accessibility (functionings). Findings indicate that both presence and—mainly—accessibility of services/amenities matter for UQoL and that a negative effect from tourism prevails.

Keywordsamenities, capabilities, functionings, Quality of life, urban tourism