Spillover Effects in the Volatility of Financial Markets

TitleSpillover Effects in the Volatility of Financial Markets
Publication TypeWorking Paper
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsOtranto, E

Recent econometric and statistical models for the analysis of volatility in financial markets serve the purpose of incorporating the effect of other markets in their structure, in order to study the spillover or the contagion phenomena. Extending the Multiplicative Error Model we are able to capture these characteristics, under the assumption that the conditional mean of the volatility can be decomposed into the sum of one component representing the proper volatility of the time series analyzed, and other components, each representing the volatility transmitted from one other market. Each component follows a proper dynamics with elements that can be usefully interpreted. This particular decomposition allows to establish, each time, the contribution brought by each individual market to the global volatility of the market object of the analysis. We experiment this model with four stock indices.

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