Sardinian Center for Coastal Monitoring and Assessment

TitleSardinian Center for Coastal Monitoring and Assessment
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2013

Article 16 of the ICZM Protocol identifies the functional tools for integrated management as appropriate mechanisms for coastal monitoring and observation, existing or newly established. The sardinian governamental agency Conservatoria delle coste within its institutional mandate for the coordination of ICZM activities in Sardinia has set up a Sardinian Center for Coastal Monitoring and Assessment. As in many other Mediterranean countries the coastal areas observation and monitoring activities in Sardinia are performed by several institutional stakeholders. The main objective of the Center is to provide coordination of
the different stakeholders including evaluation and monitoring of the implementation and development of integrated coastal management policies. To this aim the Center provides information needed to assess main impacts generated by natural and human activities on marine and coastal environments, as referred to the objectives of ICZM, throught the use of a significant set of monitoring indicators. At the same time the Center proposes concrete solutions for adaptation according to ICZM objectives acting as a decision support system for policy making at regional and local level. The methodological approach behind the implementation of the Center for Coastal Monitoring and Assessment recognises the coordination role that Conservatoria may have regarding local authorities and regional stakeholders responsible for the management of coastal areas.

AuthorsSatta, A, Costa, M, Renoldi, S
Book TitleCoastal Erosion Monitoring. A network of regional observatories. Results from ResMar Project
PublisherNuova Grafica Fiorentina