Repeated behaviour and destination loyalty

TitleRepeated behaviour and destination loyalty
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsMeleddu, M, Paci, R, Pulina, M
JournalTourism Management

This study analyses tourists' stated loyalty to a tourism destination within a multidimensional framework and with various definitions of loyalty. The empirical data were collected via a survey administered at the end of a trip at the main ports and airports on the island of Sardinia during the low and high seasons, in 2012. A logit specification is employed to estimate the factors influencing loyalty, defined as both the unconditional and conditional probability of returning to Sardinia. The empirical findings highlight that overall satisfaction and several satisfaction items are key determinants of the stated loyalty. Also, the past loyalty to the destination is a significant factor that positively influences future behaviour. The same factors also affect recommendation to visit the destination.

Keywordsmotivation, recommendation, repeated behaviour, satisfaction, stated loyalty