The relationship between immigration and tourism firms

TitleThe relationship between immigration and tourism firms
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsEtzo, I, Massidda, C, Piras, R
JournalTourism Economics

This article investigates whether the presence of immigrants represents an opportunity for Italian tourism firms to increase the number of establishments and their employees. To this scope, we focus on the hotels and restaurants sector where a great amount of revenues comes from the tourist expenditure. The investigation is conducted at both the nationwide level and, separately, for Centre-Northern and Southern provinces. As estimation technique, in order to deal with the potential endogeneity problem, we will proceed with the two-stage least square method. The results strongly support a positive relationship between the provincial share of immigrants and the number of tourism establishments and their employees. This relationship seems to be stronger for southern provinces.

Keywordsemployees, firms, hotels and restaurants, immigration, tourism supply