Regional Economic Growth, SMEs and the Wider Europe

TitleRegional Economic Growth, SMEs and the Wider Europe
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2003

This book makes an important and interesting contribution to the wider debate on European regional development. It looks beyond the confines of the EU proper and combines interesting and relevant case studies from a broader pan-European perspective. Also, the approaches adopted are informed by a variety of theoretical positions.By addressing the changing roles of SMEs in different regions of Eastern Europe, readers will gain insights into the different dimensions of SME development and the link between SMEs and regional growth.The book will appeal to academics researching European development and teaching courses in Economics, Social Policy, Urban Studies, Regional Development and Economic Geography, students in various faculties and departments with a regional perspective, economic and regional planners and researchers, and policy makers at national and regional levels.

AuthorsFingleton, B, Eraydin, A, Paci, R
ISBN Number9780754636137