Migration and Outbound Tourism: Evidence From Italy

TitleMigration and Outbound Tourism: Evidence From Italy
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsEtzo, I, Massidda, C, Piras, R

This paper investigates the impact of migration on Italian out- bound tourism trips disaggregated by purpose of visit. A dynamic panel data analysis is carried out on a sample of 65 countries over the period 2005–2011. To disentangle pushing and pulling effects, the migration variables are defined at both the origin and the destination of tourism flows. We also control for the Italian real GDP per capita, relative prices and distance. The results show that the stock of Italians residing abroad has a positive impact on outbound tourism for all purposes. Conversely, the stock of foreign-born citizens residing in Italy appears to push Italian outbound tourism for business purposes, for visiting friends and relatives, but not for holiday trips.

KeywordsDynamic Panel Data, gmm, italy, migration, Outbound tourism