Micro-economic determinants of tourist expenditure: A quantile regression approach

TitleMicro-economic determinants of tourist expenditure: A quantile regression approach
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsMarrocu, E, Paci, R, Zara, A

We assess the effect of the main determinants of tourist expenditure by applying both linear and quantile regression models to individual micro data collected by a survey addressed to non-resident tourists who spent their holidays in Sardinia during the period AprileOctober 2012. We find that, in addition to income and foreign nationality, tourist expenditure is crucially driven by trip-related (party size, stay length, accommodation, sea and sun typology and transport modality) and psychographic characteristics (repeated visits and holiday motivations). Moreover, our results indicate that the effects vary with
respect to the expenditure component and the level of spending, thus confirming the high complexity of the tourism product. Higher positive effects were found for heavy spenders in the case of foreign nationality, previous visits and notoriety-motivated holidays, while party size and the number of visited sites contribute to reducing the level of expenditure for light-spending tourists.

KeywordsMicro data, Quantile regression, sardinia, Tourism expenditure