Demand-driven sustainable tourism? A choice modelling analysis

TitleDemand-driven sustainable tourism? A choice modelling analysis
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsBrau, R
Pagination691 - 708

This paper studies the preferences of tourists visiting Sardinia (Italy), using a choice modelling approach. The focus is on the evaluation of specific 'demand-enhancing effects' which, according to economic theory, provide a basis for implementing sustainable tourism policies. Multinomial logit estimates reveal that strong negative effects result from the congestion of tourist attractions and the transformation of coastal environments, though tourists clearly gain utility from the other components of a tourism destination. The extent of the effects related to environmental preservation seems to support planning tourism development policies that will not have strong irreversible effects on coastal areas.

Keywordsgreen preferences, stated preferences, sustainable economic development, tourism demand
ISBN Number1354-8166