Crossing The Alps: Three Transport Policy Options

TitleCrossing The Alps: Three Transport Policy Options
Publication TypeWorking Paper
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsMarletto, G
Keywordsalps, de-growth, sustainibility, territorial marketing, transport policy

In recent years crossing the Alps has become a central issue in transport policy. The constant increase in global transport flow has contributed to bringing two distinct objectives to the centre of attention: making transalpine transportation of goods easier and reducing the negative impact of this on the alpine environment. The debates and disagreements on the subject are often bad-tempered, and are evidence of the lack of communication between the interested parties. This is also due to the existence of three distinct transport policy options: territiorial competition, sustainable development and de-growth. The different positions taken by the various parties are more understandable when one is aware of these options, and this awareness could assist the parties in making the necessary decisions, which all those involved recognise are important.

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