Constructing a Social Accounting Matrix for Sardinia

TitleConstructing a Social Accounting Matrix for Sardinia
Publication TypeWorking Paper
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsFerrari, G, Garau, G, Lecca, P
Keywordscross entropy, doubly constrained minimum information (mi) model, input-output, regional account system, social accounting matrix

Recently, the Social Accounting Matrix (SAM) has been resurrected as a policy analysis tool and, in the last decade, attention has been paid to SAM multipliers, as well as to the use of the SAM as a benchmark for computable general equilibrium models. This paper constructs a SAM for the regional economy of Sardinia that can be used for policy evaluation and impact analysis. A mixture of approaches is used from simple compilation and decomposition methods to procedures for matrix estimations and matrix balancing.

Citation Key1267
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