The attractiveness of a modern and contemporary art museum

TitleThe attractiveness of a modern and contemporary art museum
Publication TypeWorking Paper
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsBrida, JG, Meleddu, M, Pulina, M
Keywordscultural economics, museum, repeat visitation, rovereto (italy), zero-truncated poisson

This paper analyses the different factors influencing the intention to revisit a cultural attraction with an application to the Museum for Modern and Contemporary Art (MART) of Rovereto (Italy). The empirical data were obtained from a survey undertaken from September to November 2009 and a zero-truncated count data model is estimated. The findings reveal that, on the one hand, socio-demographic characteristics positively influence the probability to return. Also, as reported in other studies, the temporary exhibitions offered by the museum have a significant impact with a incidence rate ratio of almost two times. On the other hand, no matter how much the visitors spend on accommodation, are less likely to revisit if they travel in groups, by train or foot, are farer from their town of origin and spent longer visiting the museum.

Citation Key3227
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